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Hong Kong international printing and packaging exhibition

Release time:2016-12-2 14:06:54

Asia's leading printing and packaging industry professional exhibition
Port of the exhibition by the Hong Kong trade development council and the China international exhibition co., LTD., China's Hong Kong international printing and packaging exhibition held in asiaworld-expo, creating opportunities for, professional and technical and customer service to buyers around the world show. Exhibition for the industry to provide highly price competitive products and quality and efficient service. Industry during the exhibition, not only can enjoy the latest fashion design, but also find the chance partner satisfaction, promote the business more. The conference will be packed in several ways trade journals, professional magazines, industry websites such as advertising, press releases, feature, direct mail advertising, press conferences and held in the main city road shows, etc., intensive promotion of Hong Kong international printing and packaging exhibition.
The conference will identify and invite male power save VIP buyers to visit Hong Kong printing and packaging exhibition. Here shows all the relevant new product and new concept - here is an ideal place to show your creativity. The exhibition industry, every major category by the printing and packaging solutions, material, and printing integrated logistics services in it. Successive success proves that the exhibition is an effective trade platform, let the exhibitors and corporate users from all walks of life, designers, retailers and distributors, establish extensive connection as well as printing and packaging services company, negotiate trade. Hong Kong international printing and packaging exhibition is not only a procurement platform, is an information centre, in various forms to the exhibitors and buyers to provide the latest industry trends, knowledge, and market intelligence.
Market analysis
Hong Kong enjoys the reputation of being one of the world's four major printing center, Hong Kong's printing industry has a reputation for fine good quality, competitive price, well known for its high efficiency and good reputation. Hong Kong with more than 170 countries and regions in the world currently opened on visa abolition, with direct flights more than 155 cities around the world, to the success of the Hong Kong international printing and packaging fair created favorable conditions. Hong Kong is a young city, is a city full of wonders and mythology, is a very exciting city. World-class architecture, the fast pace of life, fashionable and modern entertainment to enjoy, which highlights the amazing charm of the city.
Hong Kong is a paradise of life, set all kinds of happiness in one place. Hong Kong is the place of Chinese and western culture blend, as well as international and important hub in the asia-pacific region and the most competitive one of the city, the index of economic freedom in the world. According to the census and statistics department of Hong Kong, China, April 1, 2016, Hong Kong and mainland China import and export of goods for $152.23 billion. Among them, the $81.07 billion in exports to the mainland, Hong Kong accounted for 53.7% of total exports of Hong Kong; Hong Kong's imports from the mainland us $71.16 billion, accounts for 44.4% of total imports of Hong Kong, up 0.7%. Hong Kong and the mainland's trade surplus of $9.91 billion.

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