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Germany drew international exhibition of printing

Release time:2016-12-2 14:12:57

Germany drew international exhibition of printing is the most prestigious international print exhibition, the exhibition is one of the Olympic Games of printing and paper making industry, was the industry known as "printing people's festival". Germany drew international printing exhibition next every four years, the last exhibition "Drupa2016", a total of 19 exhibition, the exhibition area of 175000 square meters, with 1968 exhibitors from 53 countries around the world show their new products and new technology, there are 60% of the countries and regions outside the exhibitors from Germany, received professional audience of about 314000 people from 138 countries.
Drupa fair foreshadows the next four or five years of printing technology development trend, here people can for the future development trend of printing technology has a thorough understanding, and for printing enterprise provides an ideal platform for the business negotiations; Here the exhibitors also detected the demand of the market, for oneself seek a broader space, finding the best business opportunities. Printing industry is currently experiencing a huge industry changes, functional printing, market share of 3 d printing, digital printing, packaging printing and label printing is enormous potential. In particular, looking back over the past several session of exhibition, printing and packaging industry there are more and more cross between products and services, so the German printing exhibition pavilion will join a large number of packaging industry after China and India elements. Packaging and printing, especially digital label printing and green printing, will be the next German international printing show a major bright spot, the future will play an extremely important role in the market.
Market analysis
Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world economy, the economy after the United States, Japan, the world third. According to the German federal statistics office, according to data released by the domestic consumption and investment increase, other factors, such as export boom lift, the German economy remains stable growth, GDP growth rate of 3%. Germany is the most populous country in the eu, has a population of 81 million, is the world's third largest market. Packaging and all walks of life are connected -- all sorts of products are need to design packaging in order to promote sales and enhance the relationship between the customer. The packaging requirements also brought opportunities for the printer. Company from Heidelberg, Germany (Heidelberg) predict the rate of the development of digital printing and packaging industry is doubled, the printer should be making, the embattled. And, to do this is not only a Heidelberg company.
For a variety of digital printing and packaging, the prospect of development of the printing manufacturers are optimistic. If the paper digital printing has been widely recognized and enter the stage of steady development, the digital printing and packaging industry is only a budding. And, in the packaging area, about printing technology will be replaced by electronic media worry also impossible. So far, the digital printing is only in the publishing field development, and also few involved for packing field. But from next year, as the electrophotographic technology and upgrade of the fight of the ink-jet printing system in printing market, printing industry will continue to move forward, so the application situation in the field of printing in the packaging will be changed. Each supplier should be what kind of attitude and way to deal with a new situation, the answer will be posted on the drupa2016.

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